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I want to roll in one of these
going to a rave!


Easy fix!

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They didnt call it convenient for no apparent reason. Fast, cheap, somewhat tasty.


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The best things in life are free.

Sneaker Fetish!

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The month of August proves to be my “Sneaker Fetish” month. I needed three different types of “shoes” for different uses, and I got them all within this month.

First up is a pair of two tone dance shoes with Latin heels and suede soles for those buttery smooth moves that busts out on the dance floor. BAM!

Second, we have some Metro Motion longboard skateboard wheels that are stone ground and broken in for sliding out of the box! I dont think this is something i would use for speed runs but it’s a good wheel for slides and cruising. It has a smaller contact patch compared to the Orangatang Stimulus. Fun wheel!


Compared to the Orangatang Stimulus:

which one?


Installed on my Landyachtz Drop Speed:


Finally, we have some 15×7.5 with 30 offset Konig Candy wheels for my car mated with 195/50/r15 Falken ziex-912 tires. Im tired of using larger diameter rims because regardless of how cool they look, the bone jarring ride just doesnt cut it out for me anymore. SSR Professors are too expensive, so I bought something that is similar to it. Smart buying or just plain style biting? I could care less. . .


Candy and gummies:


Some SortaFlush goodness:

Nice Stance?

This concludes the month of August’s “shoe” splurge!

Oh, What a Day!

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I’m loving this video so much! It represents a day that I would consider almost perfect-SoCal weather, longboarding around, and eating some In-n-Out! Everything was shown in this video! Sick music, too!

The Devil Made Me Do it!

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For some reason, I was craving for a strawberry shake and McDonald’s fries the other day but was thinking about my healthy eating regimen. I decided to give in to my temptation and get myself a Happy meal (yeah!) since it is dirt cheap if you just get the hamburger meal. Now I quenched my shake and fries fixation and also getting a mini light up Light Saber toy, and strangely enough, the mileage on my car as I parked my car to eat my snack was. . .

Stoke. Steeze. Jeez!

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I have the same board (Loaded Bhangra), fitted with the same trucks(Paris 180), and the same wheels(Orangatang Stimulus) as these other two riders have in the videos. The only difference is that they can do much more than I could, and are also a lot smoother (Im getting there!). These videos are just so relaxing and inspiring to watch. I dont really care what “haters” say, but Loaded makes good boards(just a bit on the expensive side), and makes good videos to show off their products and riders.